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PowerEdge 2800 PERC 4 Reset

I am in need of assistance of resetting the PERC Controller to all physical drives. What would the configuration be using this controller? In PERC 5 I would delete the virtual volumes then reboot the server. I would be able to see 5 individual hard drives and the drives would reflect their actual make / model / serial. How is this done in PERC 4? Would setting all to the SCSI channel do this?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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RE: PowerEdge 2800 PERC 4 Reset


I am not certain I am clear on your goal with this. Are you asking how to delete the array configuration from the controller and then run the disks individually?  If so you can go to Configuration in the controller and then select Clear Configuration. After that you can select Easy Configuration from the main menu and configure the drives as Raid 0's.

The following manual on page 7 shows clearing the configuration. As well it discusses Raid 0's on page 17 -   ftp://ftp.dell.com/Manuals/Common/dell-perc-4-di_User%27s%20Guide11_en-us.pdf

You can also do this by changing to the SCSI mode as well, but without the options of using the controller.

Let me know if this is what you were wanting to do or not.


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RE: PowerEdge 2800 PERC 4 Reset

The PERC 5 cannot use drives not configured in RAID ... neither can the PERC 4.  With the PERC on the 2850/2800, you CAN turn off RAID, so that all drives are usable in non-RAID mode via the onboard SCSI controller, but the controller must be off (PERC 5 does NOT have this option).

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