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PowerEdge 2850 RAID causes boot hang

Hi all,

I have a PowerEdge 2850 server running on 6 SCSI drives. The server has the LSI53C1030 RAID controller in it that I am having some trouble enabling. During my troubleshooting, I have upgraded the BIOS from version A04 to A07, and have upgraded the BMC from 1.40 to 1.83 in an effort to fix this.

When changing "Integrated Devices -> Embedded RAID Conroller" from "Off" to "RAID", the server does not post and hangs at "SiI 0680 ATA/133 Controller" and lists the virtual CDROM and virtual floppy drives.

When "Embedded RAID Controller" is set to "Off" or "SCSI", the server does post, though I am unable to access the RAID management menu during boot with <Ctrl+M>.

Am I doing this correctly, or is something going wrong with the boot? Is there any way to diagnose this, or see more detailed logs?

Please let me know if any more information is required.

Thank you.

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RE: PowerEdge 2850 RAID causes boot hang

In order to enable RAID, the RAID key, RAID DIMM, and RAID battery must be installed. I would try reseating the battery cable connector, DIMM, and the RAID key, as well as the entire expansion riser (which holds the RAID logic). If it still won't enable, then I would suggest trying to clear the NVRAM using the motherboard jumpers. I would then look at replacing the RAID key first (because it is cheap), then the riser.

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