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PowerEdge 2900 w/ Perc6i @ESXI 5.1

I have a PowerEdge 2900 running ESXI 5.1 and I have tried setting up the system to be able to monitor HDD health status in the array to prevent catastrophic failure of my array. I have tried using a write-up on the LSI vib file install and i have tried open-manage offline bundle. Neither method i could get to function where it would give me array data and individual drive health. Is there any insight on how others have gotten this to work so that I can implement this with our system? Thank you

Here are my references from previous attempts:



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Hi Joe,

OMSA might not let you monitor the disks inside vSphere Client, but it will give individual disk health status via OMSA which can be accessed indirectly by installing OMSA Web Services (version number matching the OMSA version installed on ESXI, so in this case it would be 7.2) on a Windows machine and targeting the ESXi host when you access the web service. The download is www.dell.com/.../DriverDetails and you just install that on a Windows machine, then on that Windows machine visit in a web browser and on the first page enter the IP of the ESXi host along with your credentials. When you get connected you can browse to Storage > the controller > and under there see the virtual disks and physical disks and drill into specific physical disk detail. Let me know if you have trouble with it and how it goes.

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