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PowerEdge 2950 Firmware Upgrade

Greetings All.  First I am a novice in this area so please support the cause.

I just purchased my first server, a PowerEdge 2950. It did not come with the HDs. So I am in the process of ordering  the caddies and SAS 3.5 HDD.  Their on their way.. My goal is to install Windows Server 8 inside VMWare Vsphere ESXi. Before I start, I want to get the latest firmware upgrades for the 2950. 

Can/should I flash the BIOS before or after installing the HD?  Is there a firmware upgrade process guide that I can obtain?

Your response is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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RE: PowerEdge 2950 Firmware Upgrade

You can do the firmware updates in one of two ways:


SMTD/SBUU (Systems Management Tools and Documentation/Systems Build and Update Utility):

SUU (Server Update Utility):

Boot to SMTD/SBUU, choose Firmware Update, insert SUU when it asks for a repository.


Repository Manager:

Sync database with Dell online, select only Linux bundles, then export as bootable ISO ... boot to it and let it do its thing.


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