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PowerEdge 2950 PERC 5/i Firmware upgrade on Debian


i run a PE 2950-III since a few days with a Debian Squeeze on it.

"omreport storage controller" looks like this:

 Controller PERC 5/i Integrated (Embedded)

ID : 0
Status : Non-Critical
Name : PERC 5/i Integrated
Slot ID : Embedded
State : Degraded
Firmware Version : 5.0.1-0030
Minimum Required Firmware Version : 5.2.2-0072
Driver Version :
Minimum Required Driver Version : Not Applicable
Storport Driver Version : Not Applicable
Minimum Required Storport Driver Version : Not Applicable
Number of Connectors : 2
Rebuild Rate : 30%
BGI Rate : 30%
Check Consistency Rate : 30%
Reconstruct Rate : 30%
Alarm State : Enabled
Cluster Mode : Not Applicable
SCSI Initiator ID : Not Applicable
Cache Memory Size : 256 MB
Patrol Read Mode : Auto
Patrol Read State : Stopped
Patrol Read Rate : 30%
Patrol Read Iterations : 58
Abort Check Consistency on Error : Not Applicable
Allow Revertible Hot Spare and Replace Member : Not Applicable
Load Balance : Not Applicable
Auto Replace Member on Predictive Failure : Not Applicable
Redundant Path view : Not Applicable
CacheCade Capable : Not Applicable
Persistent Hot Spare : Not Applicable
Encryption Capable : Not Applicable
Encryption Key Present : Not Applicable
Encryption Mode : Not Applicable
Preserved Cache : No
The RAID init succeed only to 30% and it kind of stuck there. I assume i have to update my PERC to a current firmware and already tried to get the latest drivers from the support central, but i can't find them.
All i can find, are Windows executables which are probably not really helpful in my case. Can someone help me out here?
Thanks a lot,
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Re: PowerEdge 2950 PERC 5/i Firmware upgrade on Debian


Are you wiping out the array? As you said you are trying to initialize. What OS are you planning on loading? Debian?

Here is the Perc 5/i driver and firmware links

Firmware - www.dell.com/.../poweredge-2950


Windows 2k3 Driver - www.dell.com/.../poweredge-2950

RH Mega Raid driver - www.dell.com/.../poweredge-2950


You can use this tool to create bootable media and then boot to the menu and escape to prompt, you can run the firmware update from that dos prompt.

32Bit Diags -www.dell.com/.../poweredge-2950

After update you can use whichever driver suits your OS.

Let me know if this helps.

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