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PowerEdge 2950 SAS HDD


where can i buy a replacement HDD for PowerEdge 2950. I need 500GB SAS HDD 7.2K RPM 3,5"

I need fast info for our client. Thanks for help and best regards.

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RE: PowerEdge 2950 SAS HDD


Due to the age of the server, and it being End Of Life, we don't have most of those drives available any longer. What I could do is give you the part number of the supported SAS 500GB hard drive, then what I suggest is going through a 3rd party, or Spare Parts (800-357-3355) to get the drives.

YP777 - 500GB SAS, 7.2K, 3.5", Seagate Moose 

Let me know how it goes.

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RE: PowerEdge 2950 SAS HDD

If you need "fast", consider a 15K SAS drive:

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