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PowerEdge R410 - How to run chkdsk on OS Volume

Hi...I was wondering how to check my server's OS volume drive. I have a feeling it's degraded somewhat as I'm getting a self-test read error when I preform a short-test on it (see picture) but I cannot seem to find a way of checking the drive. If I take the drive out and put it in another computer, it won't register as a drive letter thus I cannot run chkdsk against it. I have a feeling this is because it's part of the PERC 100 raid. Any ideas on how I can attempt a repair of the drive or am I doomed to re-install the server os?

Thanks in advance!

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RE: PowerEdge R410 - How to run chkdsk on OS Volume

That screenshot is your test/check. It failed and should be replaced.

Running a chkdsk addresses different issues. It will not repair/fix what you are seeing in the diags failure. 

If you want to run a chkdsk, it can be scheduled from Windows. Open a Command Prompt and type the following:

chkdsk /r 

It will say it can't run it because the volume is locked, but it will ask you if you want to schedule it for the next reboot. Type Y to schedule, then reboot to run it.

It is because of the RAID header info on the drive that you can't see it on a system without an S100.

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RE: PowerEdge R410 - How to run chkdsk on OS Volume


You need to replace the disk.

The diagnostics have nothing to do with the OS or data on the drive. The diagnostics test the ability to communicate with the drive. If you are receiving a communication error in diagnostics then the controller cannot properly communicate with the drive. Running a check disk would not correct this issue.


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