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PowerEdge R630 storage upgrade


we have a diskless and controllerless PowerEdge R630 server (S/T 7LXVM62) with the 0MG81C backplane and we are looking for upgrade options.

1. Can we install eight 400-AUQX SAS hard drives and use software RAID? I guess probably not because of the SATA integrated controller, which does not support SAS drives?
2. Which Dell part numbers do we need for hardware RAID - H730P, SAS cables,...?

Thank you!

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Re: PowerEdge R630 storage upgrade

Good morning,

The PERC S130 built onto the motherboard does not support SAS drives, per the S130 manual. Last I checked, we don't have a kit to upgrade the server to hardware RAID from software RAID. I would recommend an H730P. The part number for the full size controller is X4TTX. The Mini is 7H4CN. The SAS cables would depend on what controller you get. F63HD would be the cable for a full height controller. K43RY should be the controller you need for a mini.

Manual: https://topics-cdn.dell.com/pdf/poweredge-rc-s130_users-guide_en-us.pdf, page 6, Dell-compliant SAS compatibility No