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PowerEdge R7425 - removed unwanted RAID controller

We recently ordered some R7425 AMD EPYC servers.  We were not offered the possibility of diskless systems even though all of our storage - boot and other -  is SAN-based. The system configurations came with a RAID controller and a small 120GB disk.  I have removed the unwanted RAID controller and small single disk.  Now, similar to another community posting our boot cycle is ALWAYS interrupted by the following, requiring keyboard intervention to continue:

iDRAC Settings:

CBL0009: Backplane 1 connector A0 is not connected.

CBL0009: Backplane 1 connector B0 is not connected.

UEFI0116: One or more boot drivers have reported issue(s).

Check the Driver Health Menu in Boot Manager for details.


Unlike the other posting, we don't wish to have the unwanted card and drive in our systems.  I have poked around the various setup menus but haven't bumped into a way to override the old hardware inventory.  Is there a way to tell iDRAC or LifeCycle Controller that the RAID controller and associate devices are no longer expected elements of these systems?  We really don't like the idea of carrying extraneous devices that could become future failure points in servers.


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Re: PowerEdge R7425 - removed unwanted RAID controller


Not that I'm aware.

The backplane is not required for POST, so the system can POST and should function without it. There is not a supported configuration without a backplane. If the backplane is not connected then you will receive error messages and warnings. I do not know of any option to disable those errors. You can check the system BIOS for an option to stop on error. If that option is present then it may allow the system to continue past the error without need of someone acknowledging with a button press.




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