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PowerEdge T110 RAID 5 Rebuild Time - Server HUNG?

I am adding a 4th disk to an existing RAID 5 array on a Dell PowerEdge T110 II server through the OMSA UI on Windows SBS 2011.  I selected the new disk and clicked EXECUTE to add the new disk to the existing array and now ONE HOUR later, the server fan is running HIGH, the Windows console is completely unresponsive, the PERC S100 Virtual Disk state is "Reconstructing", the progress shows 0% complete and the disk drive light on the front bezel is STEADY ON.

Is this normal?  If so, how long before I get the console to become responsive again?

Prior to the addition of the 4th drive, the existing RAID 5 array contained 3 x 500 GB drives with approximately 700 GB of storage (300 GB available).

I understand that the rebuild can take time, but the console is completely unresponsive.  Shouldn't I see some kind of progress?

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Re: PowerEdge T110 RAID 5 Rebuild Time - Server HUNG?


Running a parity array on a controller without cache will cause performance issues.


A reconstruction of RAID 5 rebuilds all of the disks in the new virtual disk. A reconstruct will degrade performance further as it is very read/write intensive.


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