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PowerEdge T320 - SSD options?

Hi everyone,

We want to upgrade our storage to SSDs as our applications require faster read speed to load up images/data from our application. Although I know servers are a bit more stringent then desktops on what parts we can put in there. Are there any limitations on what type of SSDs we can purchase for the server?

i.e. I install a Samsung SSD but the server only allows Intel SSDs.


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RE: PowerEdge T320 - SSD options?


The T320 supports both Samsung (pn 24XV8) and Intel (pn DYFP9) SSD's, as well as SSD's ranging in sizes from 120GB (pn 394XT) to 3.8TB (pn M09K5). Those are not specific limitations, but what is currently offered from us. 

Let me know if this helps.

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RE: PowerEdge T320 - SSD options?

I have a T320 (Service tag <Service tag removed>).  I want to add two 6GBSATA controllers, I'm thinking (H310) and two 480GB SSDs mirrored for the OS and three 800GB SSDs on Raid 5, read intensive if possible.  Can you tell me what part numbers would be compatible with this server?




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