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PowerEdge T430 iDrac physical Disk status "unknown"

Hello Everyone,

I am receiving the following alert:

iDrac Physical Disk 0:1:7 (SNMP Dell PowerEdge Physical Disk) Down ESCALATION REPEAT (Error by lookup value 'Unknown' in channel 'Component Status'). 

Would like to know if anyone have come across this issue before. Wondering if resetting or updating the iDrac firmware would help.



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Re: PowerEdge T430 iDrac physical Disk status "unknown"



I would start with running diagnostics on the server to confirm that the drive is failed, as well as see if there is an amber light on the drive itself. If so to both then I would suggest updating the servers BIOS, iDrac, as well as the raid controller. I would then replace the failed drive. 


Let me know what you see.


Chris Hawk

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