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PowerEdge T610 - Added Hard Drive RAID 5 Strange

Followed the instructions to add another 450GB drive into my Raid 5 system.
That gives me 5, but when it completed the “Reconstructing” part, 23 hours later, it began a background initialization process. This was unexpected! The tech did not tell me this would happen :/

Once it reached 100% on the background initialization, I was expecting to go to my Server 2008R2 Computer Mgt console to see a new drive, with space for me to extend my D drive.
I saw my Disk 1 and then I also saw a NEW disc at Disc #6, named Server1 2014_10_22 07:24 Disk_01, 1863GB NTFS (Healthy Primary Partition). No unpartitioned space. Disc 1 shows a 195.21GB C Drive NTFS Partition and a 1060GB NTFS Drive D partition I have several other external drives, between Disk 2-5

Disk 6 allows me an option to extend it, Disk 1 does not.
Properties on Disk 6: Used Space: 778GB Free Space: 1.05TB When looking at "My Computer" C shows 195GB, D shows 1.03TB
Now what? Really do not want to wipe it and restore it.
System seems to be running OK, for the most part, but D drive still shows: the original space

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RE: PowerEdge T610 - Added Hard Drive RAID 5 Strange


When you perform the reconfigure on the controller it adds the drive to the array, but it won't add the space to the partition configured on that array. You would need to extend Drive D with the additional space. We have a tool that will assist with that, but to extend a partition it has to be the last drive in order, there can't be another partition after it. Meaning if it is drive D you wish to extend, then there can't be a drive E through Z on the server. If there is then you need to back up and delete that partition and then extend D and then restore the partition afterwards. The link for the software is below

ExtPart - http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=R64398

Let me know how it goes.

Chris Hawk

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RE: PowerEdge T610 - Added Hard Drive RAID 5 Strange

OK, see if I get the right:

I had on the array, 4 450GB disks (1.2 TB): 200GB C drive and Balance D drive.

I have several other USB drives plugged in, but not as part of the array.

Have a CD as Z drive.

Since D does not give me the option to Extend it, but I have another disk showing up as Disk 6, no drive letter.

So, since there are no other active partitions on the drive, I can use the tool to extend D drive?

What happens to Disk 6 that is showing 1.8 TB?

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