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PowerEdge T610 Replace failed drive

Running a T610 with three 600 GB drives and a PERC H700 controller set up RAID 5. Amber display warning that drive 2 failed, and amber light is on on that drive.   When I replace with Dell drive, will shut down server, don't want to test hot swap. Will I have to do any configuring on start up, or will system recognize the new drive and start the rebuild process?

Appreciate any advice.


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RE: PowerEdge T610 Replace failed drive

Never shut down a server to introduce a hot-swappable drive.

Remove the drive "hot", wait 30 seconds, then insert the replacement. If it doesn't start rebuilding automatically, you will need to assign it as a hot-spare. If it shows as foreign, you will need to CLEAR the foreign configuration before assigning it as a hot-spare.

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