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Poweredge 2950 Raid Controller firmware upgrade problem

Hello All

I have a Poweredge 2950:

OS – RHEL server

Bios 2.7.0

Perc 5/I - Configured with Raid 1 and Raid 5. 

Raid controller firmware 5.1.1-0040

The server was running and working. I upgrade the Raid controller firmware to 5.2.2-0072 (the latest version). After the reboot it will not boot up. Hangs up right away after it states the “System Memory Speed: 667MHz”. Will not go any further unless I click “F2 – Setup”. Then hangs at “F/W Initializing Devices 0%” At that point I can go into the Raid Configuration Utility. And my setting are still there and correct. It even indicates that the Package is at 5.2.2-0072. So it looks like it took the upgrade but won't boot up.

Any suggestion on how to get this to boot up? Or how to reload the Raid controller firmware.

Thank you for your time

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RE: Poweredge 2950 Raid Controller firmware upgrade problem


Have you tried reseating the card? If you take the card out does it go past the point where it hangs?

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