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Poweredge R710 no boot device available


Please help me ,  I have a problem  the power edge R710 , I can not get into my system.


Thanks for u attention 🙂

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RE: Poweredge R710 no boot device available


What happened prior to this state? Enter the Boot Order BIOS using F11 key during POST and ensure that the correct boot device is selected. Use Ctrl+R utility to enter the controller BIOS and check for the status of the Virtual Disk (VD) and associated Physical Disk(PD) and also ensure that the system boot to the correct VD is also selected.

Robert Alakara

Dell EMC | Enterprise Services

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RE: Poweredge R710 no boot device available

Dear sir, 

that happen for me today, I was make a big mistake when remove the Disk 0 when the Server Running, but suddenly the Server reboot and stop on Strike F1 to reboot ? I try all solution but back to this screen. 

when I check Perc6 Management Disk 0 and Disk 2 appear foreign, Disk 1 and 3 are online !

how to resolve the problem without losing my data ! ? 


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