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Poweredge T320 HDD backplane, cables & RAID card SAS and SATA compability

I am looking at repurposing a Poweredge T320 server base unit.

It is in another location and I have limited details.

The chassis does have a backplane, maybe part M05TM, for eight hot swap 3.5" Hard Drives and there is a H310 Raid Controller. There may only be cables for four HDD's.

I believe there are currently four SAS hard drives in trays. I am presuming these drives have high hours so will need replacement.

I do not need any great performance and will have no other SAS hardware so would prefer to fit SATA drives not least so they can be accessed in a system with only SATA ports.

My first question is does the same backplane physically support both SAS and SATA drives.

My second question is do the same trays support both SAS and SATA drives. I have some SATA trays 0X968D. Will these fit the T320 chassis?

My third question is for SATA are the same cables required between the backplane and the RAID controller card.

My ideal choice would be to fit 4 drives in two RAID pairs.

My fourth question is if this can this be done with the H310 or is a better RAID card e.g. H710 or H710P required. Regardless would it be worth upgrading to one of these ? Are the same cables required for the H310 and H710 cards ?

My fifth question is so as the two RAID pairs are data only could Windows Server 2012 R2 be installed on a fifth SATA HDD connected directly to the SATA port on the motherboard ?

All responses even if only to some questions will be appreciated.