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Problems with RAID1 - PowerEdge T110 II

Hi all,

I'm with the problem, an unauthorized user accessed the server, and Windows will not boot anymore, I do not know what she did, but looked RAID controller settings - PERC S100 (was configured as RAID1), and visualized the following message :

Virtual Disks

1---RAID1, 465GB, Failed

2-NonRAID, 465GB, Failed 

3-NonRAID, 931GB, Failed 

Does anyone know how it could recover the data?


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RE: Problems with RAID1 - PowerEdge T110 II


If you go to View Virtual Disk Details, then highlight the Virtual Disk in question. Which drives listed are shown in green, details? The Physical Disks field indicates the physical disks that are in the Virtual Disk you selected, highlighted by the green text.

You can also boot to OMSA Live and see if the logs will show the order in which the drives failed as well. 

That will help us clarify what is going on, but there is a chance of data loss.

Let me know. 

Chris Hawk

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