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R320 OCZ Velo drive

Recently purchased 3 brand new R320's for different uses for the same client.

For one of the new boxes we ordered up a new OCZ Velo drive 320Gb. Installed the card, started the box and received a red letter crash on the UEFI BIOS. Nice.

reseated all the PCI risers, reboot, same problem.

Try Velo drive in another R320, same problem.

Try Velo drive in my desktop, works fine. OS recognized the drive, installed the drivers transferred data.

Call Dell tech support, guy has no idea points finger at OCZ.

Call OCZ tech support, guy points finger at Dell.


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Can you please try going into the BIOS/System Setup by pressing F2 during POST, then under Integrated Devices select Slot Disablement, and for the OCZ card slot select Boot Driver Disabled?

You may need to apply the Lifecycle Controller Repair package also to get past the red crash screen, which can be done by downloading the .USC file from www.dell.com/.../DriverFileFormats and uploading it to the iDRAC firmware update section of the iDRAC web interface, either before or after getting into the BIOS.

Let us know what happens.

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OK, performed the requested steps and made some progress. I can now post and boot off the CD-rom to install Windows. However because the device is not tagged as boot-able by the BIOS Windows will not let me install to it.


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Sorry NOT boot-able.

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Hey Jonathan,

 I'm running into this issue after installing a OCZ Z-DRIVE R4 card but I can't get to into the BIOS.  I applied the firmware mentioned above and I hit F2... Entering System Setup appears but it eventually shows the exception.  Thoughts?  No issues on a R710.

BIOS: 1.2.6

iDRAC7: 1.20.20 (Build 24)



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