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R340 Windows Server 2012 not found H330 Driver

When trying to install Windows Server 2012 R2, when it reaches the part of showing the drive to install, it does not show any, and only shows to load the drivers. As much as I try to load the driver from the USB drive, it shows me the message "No New Device drivers were found ..." what other drivers should I load ?. 

The controller shows me at the server startup the virtual drive, the model of the controller is the H330.

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Re: R340 Windows Server 2012 not found H330 Driver


The first thing to look at is if the Windows Server 2012 is the R2 version, and that you have Xeon processors (as seen here). The reason being is that 2012 R2 is the only version of 2012 supported, with those specific processors. Pentium, Celeron and Core i3 are not supported with Windows Server 2012R2. If you do meet those requirements then this is the driver file that should work for the H330. Be sure to select if it is the 32bit or 64bit versions.

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