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R420 PERC H710 crashing when replacing disk

I have an R420 with a PERC H710 controller running Windows server 2012.  I have 4 600GB SAS disks configured in a RAID 5 array.  One of those drives is in a predictive failure state.  I want to I have 4 x 1.8TB SAS drives that I would like to use to replace all 4 of my 600GB SAS drives and expand the array.  I pull the 600GB drive in the predictive failure state, and replace it with one of the 1.8TB drives.  In Server Manager it shows as rebuilding.  After about 30-60 minutes, the server stops responding, the screen is completely black.  We reboot and it gives various RAID configuration has changed/can't find boot disk/etc errors.  We pull the new 1.8TB drive, go into setup, list the PERC controller as the boot device and the server comes back online.  All drive slots are full.  The firmware on the PERC controller is 21.3.5-0002, which I believe is the most current.
PERC controller log file link attached PERC LOG 

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