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R515 SAS controller questions

We're thinking of buying two R515 servers with the 12 disk + 2 internal cabled disks option. For the 2 internal disks, a H200 controller is needed but what does the 12-disk SAS backplane connect to? Does it also connect to the H200 as well as the internal disks?

If the H200 controls all the disks in the server, my second question is does it support JBOD on all disks (including the internal cabled disks) or only on the 12 hot-swap disks?

There is a similar thread about this at en.community.dell.com/support-forums/servers but this is quite old and maybe the R515 BIOS or H200 firmware has changed since then. What I actually want to do is install FreeBSD on the two internal disks using either H200 hardware RAID 1 or the FreeBSD gmirror software RAID 1 (I don't really mind which) and use ZFS for the 12 host-swap disks.

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RE: R515 SAS controller questions


The cabling, shown below is necessary for the 2 drive internal with the 12 drive chassis.

The 2 internal drives cable like this.

The internal H200 you referenced will be connected via the SAS A and B cable, specified here -

As long as there isn't an attached tape library the server should be able to run as a JBOD. 

Let me know if this helps answer your questions.

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