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R610 SATA Drive Capacity and Speed

We have an old R610 laying around not being used.  I'm thinking about setting it up to use as archive storage so I can move older projects off of our main server to free up some drive space.

I'm trying to figure out what the max single HDD capacity the R610 can recognize and the speed of the SATA drives it will take.  It currently has (2) 148GB SAS drives in it and the other 4 bays are empty.  We already have a few 2.5" 3TB 5400rpm drives.  Would those work.  I know they aren't enterprise drives, but its mainly a proof of concept before spending the money to buy better drives.  We currently have a tower running our backup software that takes the backup over the network and then saves it to a NAS.  It is painfully slow taking 6+ hours to run a backup.  I want to see if it would be faster using the server as the backup machine and storage to eliminate saving over the network to the NAS.

Any info is greatly appreciated.

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RE: R610 SATA Drive Capacity and Speed

Depends entirely on your controller. If you have a PERC 6, 2TB is the max. I you have an H700, greater than 2TB is supported. If you don't have either, consider an upgrade Smiley Wink

SATA is typically 7200RPM. I know you can get them faster (Velociraptor, etc.), but they could be pretty hit/miss on the controller.

SAS 7.2K, 10K, or 15K will work.

I don't know why you would want to use 5400RPM, but they may or may not work. NAS drives are typically 5400RPM at best, so they probably wouldn't gain you much, and probably only if you have a decent controller. NAS drives are a horrible choice for a server.

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