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R630 use a disk without raid



I have a Dell Poweredge R630 at home for testing and wanted to install Nutanix community edition. Suprisingly, the installation of Nutanix CE is not possible because the server storage does not satisfy the minimum recommendation which is a SSD of 200 GB.


  • 200GB hard drive or greater, maximum 18TB (3 x 6 TB HDDs)
  • 200GB Solid State drive, maximum number of SSD/HDD drives per node is four


i got 2x600 Gb in a raid0, 2*256 Gb in a raid 1 and 1x 480 GB SSD


There is an SSD of 480 Gb but it is not recognized as a "free" SSD, is it because it's not part of a RAID ?

If yes, is it possible to use a SSD/HDD without being in a RAID ?



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Re: R630 use a disk without raid

You havent told which kind of PERC exactly.  Modern PERC H730/740 can configured for pass-through instead of RAID.


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