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R710 HDD Speed

Hi, I was about to purchase Dell R710 for my small business. The server's specifications :-

Dual E5620

Since R710 come with embedded 4 x Gbe, it will be fully utilize for LAN storage. The question is regarding the hard disk speed. What kind of HDD do I need to utilize 4 gigabit NIC? From the calculation I need 512MBps transfer (4096/8).


1. HDD speed not overkill the network speed
2. HDD speed not lower than network speed

HDD Combination

6 x 450GB 15K SAS 6Gbps OR

6 x 600GB 10K SAS 6Gbps OR

6 x 500GB 7.2K Nearline SAS 6Gbps OR

6 x 500GB 7.2k SATA 3Gbps


Which array do I need? Raid 5 or Raid 10 , I need both write/read average speed up to 512MBps


• I'm planning to use H700 Integrated with 1GB NV Cache
• I only need 1.3-1.5TB array size which divided into 4 LUNs
• The system purposely act storage server for LAN environment

Thank you for help

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Re: R710 HDD Speed

What are you planning to connect to this system that you think may cause a quad-NIC team to be maxed out? That takes some serious number of users.

Also, the raid type that you pick could play a role in what performance you could get. Then there is the write-to-read ratio that plays a role. A write-intensive (~30% or more of your IO is writes) setup benefits from raid 0, but if you're 70+% reads, raid 5 is a better choice probably.

What kind of data will be on here? Virtual Machines? Databases, User fileshares, etc?

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Re: R710 HDD Speed

I think he is using it for his SAN / NAS????   As you pointed out.  RAID sets are application specific more than number of users.   We only use high rpm sas for the really heavy applications like Exchange and our imaging system.  Most of our server VM's run fine on SATA with no penality to the users.

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Re: R710 HDD Speed

Server will be act as diskless server for 100 disk-less client pc within LAN. Each client will simultaneously request data (1TB IMAGE) from the server.

For more specific, the application will be use is Richtech Diskless (Win2k8)


The network is not going to be set as team, we just let them connected independently to managed switch with different IP and same mask. We will configure the diskless software, which PC will be connected to which NIC. Example :-

Client 1 - Client 25 = NIC 1

Client 26 - Client 50 = NIC 2

Basically it was a storage server, which sharing 1TB data for each client, including OS (PXE)



FYI, current server suffered system bottleneck to utilize 4 NIC installed on PCI slot. The server just run 2 x SATA raid 0. That's why I want to change the array and using more HDD to get the better internal speed

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