R710 Repeated Drive Bay Failure - Next Steps

I have an old R710 server that has started to experience a failure in drive bay 1.  I have replaced the drive in that bay with a known working drive.  It starts the rebuild process then fails.  I have taken a drive out of bay 0 and put it in bay 1 and put the bay 1 drive in bay 0.  I rebuild the VD and the failure still remains in bay 1.  I ordered a new backplane and replaced it.  Still have a failure in bay 1. I reseat the drive and it shows as working for a while in the logs and then drive fails again.  I'm thinking a new RAID controller/battery/cables is the next step for replacement but wanted to see if I was missing anything else obvious.  Thanks for your assistance. 

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Re: R710 Repeated Drive Bay Failure - Next Steps


While it could be hardware, I would make sure the server is up to date on the BIOS, iDrac, Raid Controller, as well as on the drives themselves. The reason being is that the drives will start the rebuild, but fail afterwards, normally with hardware issues the drive just wouldn't be seen in the bay at all. 

Let me know what you see.


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