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R720XD with LSI 9207-8i

I just picked up a used r720xd (non-OEM, Enterprise iDRAC) and it came with an LSI 9207-8i HBA (no perc h310 or h710(p)), and it has brought to mind a potentially stupid question:

Does the 9207-8i not show up in iDRAC under storage?  Does it only show up if there are drives connected (none, yet)?  Or is there something I need to correct?  Because, under storage, with the system powered off (though after several series of reboots with the controller connected), there is only the "RAC0503: There are no out-of-band capable controllers to be displayed. Check if the host system is powered off or shutdown." error present.

I have tried both the "Reset iDRAC" link on the main server overview page, as well as remotely executing "racadm racreset" and still this persists.  However, the controller is present on boot and I can enter the config utility.  I was even able updated the firmware of the card with sas2flash.  Also, the controller does show up in the LifeCycle Controller when checking for available firmware updates from Dell FTP servers, and it displays the correct current firmware (P20, i don't have the full firmware/bios versioning handy).

Any other suggestions on how to make it viewable in iDRAC?  Or am I mistaken and the card won't show no matter what?

Edit: BIOS version of the r720xd is 2.8.0, firmware is, and Lifecycle Controller is


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Re: R720XD with LSI 9207-8i


Only PERCs are supported in the iDRAC web interface. It looks like the latest manual is on the support page of firmware version Page 206 has a list of supported PERCs in the iDRAC.



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Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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