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RAID 10 on Dell R730 with Perc h730P


Hey guys,

We recently purchased two 1 TB hard-drives to add to our existing RAID 10 setup (consisting of 4 x 1TB hard-drives)

We are running Esxi 6.5 and two Windows 2016 servers guest OS.

through the OMSA interface I started the process to add and reconstruct the two new HDD to my RAID 10 array.

I have a PERC H730P Mini Controller. Attached are the screen shotspic3.pngpic4.pngpic5.pngpic1.pngpic2.png

From your experience 
1. How long will the process take? - seems like it will be several hours?

2. I did not shut down my servers - they are still running.  Can we continue to have the servers running while the RAID 10 is being reconstructed?...i.e. can users login and continue with their work on Monday?

I really appreciate your input thank you

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Re: RAID 10 on Dell R730 with Perc h730P


An expansion is something that can take a few hours, depending on the controller and how much data has to be rewritten. To your second question, yes, the servers can be used during the reconstruction. You may notice some degraded performance at times, but that is normal.

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