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RAID configuration for ESXi VMFS6 data store


I have 4 x SSD SAS drives locally installed in my R730 server and I am using a PERC H730P Mini RAID controller. I am creating a RAID 6 virtual disk (ESXi 6.5 U1) and my question is on the optimal configuration for a ESXi VMFS 6 volume. From my research, I believe it is best practice to configure:

write policy: write back
read policy: adaptive read ahead
cache policy: default

What I am unsure about is the block and stripe sizes. The defaults are:

block size: 512 bytes
stripe size: 64k

I understand that the block sizes need to be aligned in multiples of 4k. I do read in quite a few sources that suggest to change the default block size to 1024kb to match the block size of VMFS6? I would like to confirm that this is best practice? And in terms of the stripe size, should I leave it at the default? Any other recommendations?

Thank you!  

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RE: RAID configuration for ESXi VMFS6 data store


For stripe size it typically depends on the file sizes, smaller files benefit from smaller stripe sizes and larger files from larger ones, but the best way is to test a few different ones for your environment and compare. For the block size we do not have a recommended settings between 512 or 1024. 

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