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RAID on Power Edge T30

I need buy a server for my small business. I have two office location with 10 users on each office. I think that the power Edge T30 is perfect for my business, but I need two disk redundant and I don't know if I can make RAID 1 on Power edge T30. I'm trying to costumize the purshase to include the RAID 1, but the system don't permit. If possible what disk specifications I need or recomended?

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Re: RAID on Power Edge T30


It looks like the T30 only has a couple of fixed configurations to select from. On our United States site it is only showing one of the fixed configurations available. There are very few configuration options for the T30. You will need to order the drives as a kit separate from the system purchase. You will also need to configure RAID once you receive the system.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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