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RAID reconstruction task hanging

PE R720xd with a PERC H710P

12x 1.2TB 10K SAS drives, 7 of them in a RAID5, 2 hot spares.. and plan to expand the disk group with the other 3 drives but..

I initiated a reconstruct 3 days ago, adding one of the drives to the RAID5 dg and it has been @ 30% for 24 hours now. 

-Running ESXI 6.5, using OMSA 8.3 to perform the task.

Any way to get more info? maybe with megaCLI or storCLI ..? .. still reading into this, any info much appreciated.

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Re: RAID reconstruction task hanging

false alarm. the progress bar/some omsa service was hanging, not the actual task.. it just completed but still shows 30% in omsa.. the host actually went critical in vCenter when it completed, giving a false alert of "system board status" ..... more info pointing at the omsa back-end struggling... disk latency for the datastore went from 800ms back to < 5ms..

next: figure how to reset omsa services so correct data is displayed, etc. without rebooting host?


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