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ROMB battery fails (perc 6/i)

I have a poweredge T300 with ROMB battery failing. I've replaced it but same problem.


Apart from the ambar display I did not see any problem caused by that error.


Is it possible to just ignore that error?


ROMB battery is critical?



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Re: ROMB battery fails (perc 6/i)


If you have replaced the battery and still see the error displayed what I would look into is updating the servers BIOS, iDrac/BMC, and definitely the raid controller. The reason being is that the controller getting out of date can cause false battery errors. After updating the server and controller I would suggest that you clear the hardware log and then verify if the error is gone. If not then it may be an issue with the controller itself. 

Let me know what you see.

Chris Hawk

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