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Rebuilt raid 1 physical disk still labeled as hot spare

Dell t330 with perc s130 controller. Ssd in raid 1 with hot spare.

I removed the degraded drive and it rebuilt on the hot spare, which is a different brand ssd of slightly larger size (476 gb while other physical disk remains 462). It took 3 hours but i watched it build on omsa. There is no warning of a degraded disk.

After reboot Omsa and also perc bios still have the (i think) rebuilt disk labeled as a hot spare. I installed a new hot spare, and now have two hot spares on the system according to omsa and bios.

1. Is the drive actually rebuilt?

2. Should i unassign the hot spare for the presumably rebuilt drive? If I don't will the new hot spare actually kick in when needed?

3. Could different brand/larger ssd replacement be causing the problem?


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Re: Rebuilt raid 1 physical disk still labeled as hot spare

The S130 controller doesn't have any logging features, so it's hard to say. I can say that the first thing that I would do is make a file level backup of your data. 


Once you have a backup, you could try a consistency check. A consistency check is just an operation that checks and rewrites a drives parity or mirror data. I don't expect the operation to help with data in anyway, but it might help change the identification. 


As for that PERC, it might be the drive, but I'd hesitate to lay blame at it's feet, so to speak. The software PERCs are less flexible with change than the hardware PERCs and recreating a RAID volume to get it to display correctly is something that I've needed to do several times. Getting that file level backup will help facilitate this, so you can get your data back, without having to worry about restoring any block level errors, like you would if you made a block level backup of the virtual disk.

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