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Replacement SCSi Drive for PE2500

Hi -
Looking for advice on a replacement drive for the PE2500.   The config is RAID 1 so I assume I need an identical drive, but it appears neither Dell nor Seagate sells them anymore.  The drive is a Seagate 36G, 10K, U3, 80-pin SCSI.   It has an Adaptec Ultra160 card.    
Can the same drive be found?  Best option to replace both?  Or get a new machine?
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Re: Replacement SCSi Drive for PE2500

I think there will be no problem to use a disk from another vendor (with the same values). Our PE2500 uses formerly 18GB Fujitsu disks (ultra 160 SCSI) in a RAID-5-array and we replaced one of them with a 36GB ultra 320 MAXTOR-disk (both 80-pin). And it works properly ! RAID controller is a PERC3/Di.
See also here for my solution:

Greets duc750
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Re: Replacement SCSi Drive for PE2500


  If you are using a H/W RAID like that which Duc is using, you may certaintly mix drives. However if you are running a SOFTWARE RAID 1 on the SCSI controller you listed, there are MS technet articles that tell you best practices on RAID 1's and they say you need to match drive geometry size and speed to get best performance (they synchronize the spindles), however the array will still work even with different gometries and rotational speeds.


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