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SAS 6/iR Raid 1 rebuild safely


I have a Dell T110 with a SAS 6/iR RAID 1 setup that is having issues. Installed are two 1TB Seagate ST31000340AS the Physical Disk 0:0 shows online but has a yellow indicator with Status of Non-Critical and Failure Predicted as Yes. The Physical Disk 0:1 shows rebuilding only to 40% (green check) will not complete the rebuild process.

If i move the controller card from the 0 slot to slot 1 on the MB the drive information reverses. The firmware is (up to date I think). The box is running WMware ESXi 5.5.0 GA hosting a Windows Server 2008 R2 box.

Any Ideas how to replace the failing drive without loosing data would be nice.


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RE: SAS 6/iR Raid 1 rebuild safely


Do you have a backup? If drive 0 is showing predictive failure that typically means that there are excessive bad blocks on the drive and that some of the data is bad. This can be affecting the rebuild of drive 1, since it is trying to copy that data from drive 1. Will the system boot off of just drive 0?

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