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SED support on R730XD with HBA330


I'm currently investigating to use a R730XD with a HBA330 for software RAID with Seagate Exos and/or WD(HGST) Ultrastar drives (6-14TB) with TCG Enterprise capability. I will most likely get all SATA 6Gbps but might get some SAS 12Gbps also.

I would like to encrypt them using the SED functionality with pre-boot authentication. Is this at all possible with this setup? If not, is it possible on other hardware like a R740? I do need the controller to run in HBA so I guess the controller doesn't matter for this.


Thank you for taking the time to answer 🙂

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Re: SED support on R730XD with HBA330

The HBA330 does not appear to support SEDs. I looked over the owner's manual and the datasheets, but could find no mention of SEDs.

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