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SMART Monitoring H730 & Windows 10

I would like to monitor the SMART reporting from my RAID Drives.  Everything I read says that it can be monitored with OMSA, however, OMSA doesn't fully install on windows 10.

Does anyone have:

A) Another way to access Smart reporting for a physical drive under Raid from the OS without OMSA?

B) A trick to get OMSA's key components to install on Windows 10

C) Some way to see SMART information directly in IDRAC

OS: Windows 10 Pro on bare metal
Server: Poweredge T330
RAID: H730 card with 2xSSD in Raid-1, 1xSSD Global HS, 2xHDD in Raid-1, 1xHDD Global HS, 1xHDD in non-raid
IDRAC: Enterprise license and card

Already tried

- looked at IDRAC through browser login and didn't see anything about SMART.  All I can see is status green, but I want to know about TB used/remaining, hours used, etc.

- tried to install OSMA manged node on windows 10.  The webserver component installs, but the key components needed to link the operating system to the hardware do not install.  I can get to the login screen but can't get past it.  Please don't tell me that OSMA works on windows 10 normally, part of it installs, but not the part that will manage the local server.  It only works for managing other servers, at least without a trick that I don't know

I know I am not using a server os on a server.  This makes sense for my use case as it is acting as a simple database server for a very small environment.  I bought server hardware to get lots of drive bays and powersupply redundency that is difficult and/or expensive to do with workstation hardware.  Everything else works perfectly other than OMSA.  I don't understand why they cripple OMSA on Win10 as, I suspect, most enterprises purchase their Win licenses directly from MSFT anyway so doubt dell is losing much money on people using Win10.  The kernal is the same, so I can't imagine what OSMA needs in WinServer that it can't get from Win10.

Thank you.

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After poking around a bit more I found Broadcom's Mega Storage Manager that works on Windows 10 with Dell Perc Cards.  I have been able to install it, however, so far it seems that it doesn't give me any more details than irdrac such as drive usage history though maybe I just haven't found it.  It is, however, much snappier and a better UI than logging into idrac, so may keep using it.

Other ideas on how to get SMART drive history?


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Hi Dave,


in this configuration you might not find any tool from us to monitor your system as you wish, I'm afraid.


Running a consumer operating system on a server system often leads to trouble. You're right that the kernel is the same but still, Windows Server is meant to be used for servers, and this is what OMSA checks. If the operating system does not authenticate as a supported server os it will not work as it should.


I read this often, since years, users trying to install OMSA on Windows 7, and you may guess, it never worked as desired.


If you want to read the S.M.A.R.T. values you might go for CrystalDiskInfo, it's a free tool that checks this.



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