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Scenarios for using SW or HW RAID on PowerEdge servers

Hello, Friends.

May I request you for a white paper or document that will list the scenarios or use cases in which both Software/Hardware RAID can be used in PowerEdge servers? Basically, I want to know when to use SW RAID and when to use HW RAID.

Even if you have it the form of a short write-up, I can pick it. No problem.




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Hi @Sesh_rao,


Unfortunately there is no general white paper writing about the differences of software and hardware RAID. There available resource is the comparison of available hardware feature in general, here where you can refer them: 





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Bottom line:

Use HW RAID as a default. Do not use the S-series controllers, and avoid the H3xx series if your budget can afford it and use the H7xx series controllers. They are the only ones with write caching for performance improvements and logging for troubleshooting.

ONLY use SW RAID when you are pinching pennies AND performance is NOT a consideration for the server build. If you will EVER even ask "why is this thing slow", "how can I speed this up", or "I wonder what the read/write speeds of the server are", then you should not use SW RAID.

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