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Seagate Update ST4000NM0023 Fails R710

I am trying to use a Seagate 4TB hard drive on my R710 with the H700 controller installed.

When I try to configure the disk as a virtual disk using the raid controller the drive is put into a failed state and I get a fault error.

The BIOS and H700 both have updated firmware.

When I try to install the driver update via SLI since I only have the express iDRAC module in this machine, I am greeted with the error "This Update Package is not compatible with your system configuration."

I have also tried to install older versions of the driver update. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Seagate Update ST4000NM0023 Fails R710



I'm not able to understand your statement that you mentioned you have updated both BIOS and H700 firmware but you now install the driver update, what is the driver update that you're installing? The RAID card driver for the OS?


May I know are you using a Delll drive or 3rd party source? Does it contain DPN#?

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