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Slow SSD performance: Dell R530, PERC H730P, dell provided SSDs

I just received / installed a Dell R530 with PERC 730P card and a set of "mechanical" SATA drives as well as two 2TB SSDs .

Doing some initial benchmarks, I find no notable difference between the spinning and the SSD drives. For example a simple "dd" test gives me 300-350MB/s. I get *maybe* a 20% "boost" from the SSD over the spinning disk. Copying a 10GB file takes 21sec on the SSD and 23sec on the spinning disk. Hardly a difference and within error.

Doing a more "real world" test, I created two identical MySQL databases. One on the spinning disks, and one on the SSDs. Now the benchmarks are less consistent here, but the spinning disks are actually often faster then the SSD. 

I tried RAID 0, 1 , "passthrough" (no RAID) for the SSD. The spinning disks are configured in RAID5. No real differences.

What else do I miss? Am I not supposed to see at least *some* boost from the SSD or did the sales guy just lie to me (this is a database server).

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