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Solaris x86 jumpstart install on PE 1750

For anyone attempting to do a Jumpstart install of Solaris x86 on a PowerEdge 1750, you may find the following info useful.

In installing Solaris 8 on a gaggle of 1750s, I found that the lsimptsl driver for the onboard LSI53C1030 scsi controller caused the Solaris installation program to crash spectacularly (followed by an immediate reboot) if a network boot image was used.  The crash does not occur if the lsimptsl driver isn't loaded, and also does not occur if you boot from a local scsi cdrom instead of the network.

Upshot: It appears that the current incarnation of the lsimptsl driver somehow interferes with jumpstart/network booting (at least for PE 1750s).  Installing from locally mounted Solaris CDs appears to work fine.

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