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Storage upgrade with SSD and RAM - PowerEdge R530

Hi , 

We upgrade our inhouse server with 16GB of RAM (total 32GB) and SSD 

  1. DELL OEM 480GB 2.5" SATA SSD Assembled Kit 3.5” 11-13G
  2. DELL OEM 16GB DDR4 2666M RDIMM ECC Dual rank

Server already have 2 dell discs in RAID1 setup , this is 3rd disk that can be in RAID0

We install all hardware and over vmware i can see 32GB of RAM but no available storage.
When i try to install new VM available storage shows only from RAID1 setup. 

Any tips and tuts ?


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Re: Storage upgrade with SSD and RAM - PowerEdge R530

You most likely need to create a virtual disk. If all you added was the SSD for storage, then you'll need a single disk RAID 0, which would then be passed through to VMware. The iDRAC web interface would likely be the easiest place to do this.

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