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T20 Raid 1

Hi Everyone,

One of our schools has 2 Poweredge T20 servers the first is the DC that was installed today and is running fine, the second is the SIMS Server that was installed in December. Both servers have hardware Raid 1 with 2 1TB system drives and 2 2TB data drives along with 16GB RAM.

The problem is that today after booting up the SIMS Server it said that 1 of the system drives needed to rebuild, I have left it running hoping it will be done in the morning as the HDD light was constantly on and the drives were churning away. But I was concerned that I never got to the log on screen just a mouse pointer moving round the screen.

How long should it normally take to rebuild a 1TB drive that probably has only around 200GB of data on as I am hoping the drive isn't buggered.

If the drive is beyond repair is it a case of one in one out and the raid will rebuild ???

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RE: T20 Raid 1


Rebuild time depends on a number of factors including disk size, load on the server etc. Had you replaced a hard drive on the SIMS Server? Boot into the controller BIOS using Ctrl+R to view  the status of the Virtual Disk and individual Physical Disks. If the disk did not rebuild and is stuck in the "READY" state, under PD Mgt, hit F2 and assign it as a Global Hot Spare. Let me know what you see.

Robert Alakara

Dell EMC | Enterprise Services