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T310 S300 RAID 10 Failure Degraded


I have a client that has a T310 with S300 controller.

There are 4 X 500GB Disks in RAID 10 setup

The client as alerted me that the server displays an error on reboot.

1---RAID1,465GB, Degraded (R/W)

2---RAID1,465GB, Degraded (R/W)

3-NonRAID, 465GB, Failed

3-NonRAID, 465GB, Failed

Warning: Found virtual disks that are Degraded and Failed

Windows SBS 2011 (Server 2008 R2) Seems to load and function fine.

OMSA Shows Physical disks are ok and 1,2,4 are online with 3 being ready.

What should I do? Please help.

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RE: T310 S300 RAID 10 Failure Degraded


OMSA should not be trusted with the S-series chipset controllers. I suggest that you verify what the client told you by booting into the controller BIOS to check the status.

If a drive falls out of an array then you should run diagnostics on it. If the drive passes diagnostics then rebuild it back into the array. If it fails diagnostics then it should be replaced. You should always clear hardware logs before running diagnostics. If there are errors in the hardware log then diagnostics will usually not run correctly.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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