UEFI does not recognize NVME disk in T640

Hi all,

I am having troubles configuring my Samsung EVO 970 Plus M2 NVME SSD in the T640 Tower. The server has the NVME flex bay installed for up to 8 NVME disks. 

When I use a StarTech adaptor (from M2 to U.2 SFF) I can install the EVO SSD in the flex bay and the system LEDs turn green. Booting in esxi 6.7 allows to use the drive as a datastore so it can be used in a guest system. So far so good. 

However, I want to be able to software mirror 2 such drives with S140 but the S140 software does not find any physical disks. And there the problem is. 

Before going to S140, I have booted in UEFI and also put NVME in RAID mode. 

Help appreciated. 


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