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Updating Firmware for PERC H310

I have a T620 server with a PERC H310 Adapter and am running VMWare.  I am getting warning that my "firmware version is out of date."  The page in Openmanage says "Latest Available Firmware Version  20.12.0-0004"

Which is the correct download for my system, the "PERC H310 Embedded firmware release 20.12.0-0004", the "PERC H310 Mini Monolithic firmware 20.12.0-0004" or another one?

After I download the correct version, how do I install it?  Use a thumb drive or copy it to my host system and run it from the command line?


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Hi Tom,

The easiest way to do the update is to reboot and go to the lifecycle controller by pressing F10 during post. In there you can choose platform updates and it will connect to our FTP and update the firmware with the latest version.


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What if you can't get into the LifeCycle Controller? It will not allow me to use F10 and the iDRAC will not start. This is causing the fans to run at extremely high RPMs and is very loud. I've read that if the firmware on different hardware is not up to date it can cause these issues and I've also read some people say that it is a faulty motherboard causing the issue.....


Is there a way for users to update the PERC H310 firmware without an iDRAC or lifecycle?

I have a PERC H310 in my Precision T7600.


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Proverbs 4:7 - Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; Yea, with all thy getting get understanding.



I do not have the answer to your question, but it might help to post this in the Fixed Workstation forum. The Precision T7600 is not a server.



Also, I see that there is downloadable firmware for the H310 on the T7600 Drivers page.



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