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What is my upgrade path for a T610?

Hello Everyone,

I have a PowerEdge T610 that originally came with a PERC6i, backup battery and 6 SATA HDDs but when i purchased it, all drives were removed. I am looking for a list of components to get to upgrade to 3 SATA 6gb SSD in RAID5 on 3.5" sled trays with 2.5" adapters with a RAID controller.

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Hi @Baldygb,


Unfortunately PERC6i is unable to support 6Gb/s rate, reference: https://dell.to/3fni6sV


The adapter conversion for 2.5" to be install on a 3.5" caddy would be DPN# 9W8C4. A couple of SSD DPN# 8C38W and 6R5R8 that are listed for T610.


I would recommend you to contact sales to check any other hardware that you need for your requirements. 

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As Joey C mentioned PERC 6/i does not support 6 Gbps speed.

Below are list of SATA SSD supported on T610. These are 3 Gbps drives


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For one, the Perc6i doesn't support HDDs bigger than 2 TB -- I assume you probably meant 6 TB here, though not sure if 3 x 6TB or 3 x 2TB: "upgrade to 3 SATA 6gb SSD" since I don't think that small SATA SSDs even exist.

For SSDs greater than 2 TB, you can use either the H700 (supported) or the H710 (not supported, but works).  You also need new cables to the backplane.

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