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dumb question about which H700 for R410

according to this post http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/servers/f/906/t/19540903.aspx , it looks like Chris stated:

 The model you would need is the H700i which is the Integrated version, designed to go in the white Storage Controller Slot you are referring to. The part numbers are KK67X and CNXVV. The last model of the H700 is the H700A which is the adapter, this is the model needed for installing in a PCIe slot. 

I tried looking up CNXVV, but it looks exactly like an adapter (with the pci slot bracket), minus the bracket:

However, when I look at the documentation, http://www.dell.com/learn/us/en/04/campaigns/dell-raid-controllers?c=us&l=en&s=bsd&cs=04&redirect=1

it seems that only the ADAPTER version is for the R410, which I'm assuming goes in the black slot, not the white one.   Is the CNXVV card REALLY the one for the white slot?  or is there a different part #?  I'm not trying to use the black PCI-E x16 slot if possible, trying to find the card that goes in the white, PCI looking slot.


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With the H700 controller the H700i is for the servers Integrated Storage Controller slot (white slot), which is located on the expansion riser card. The H700A version would be for using in a standard PCIe slot (black one). The R410 does support using either of them.

The part numbers for the two different H700i's models are:

H700i 512M = CNXVV and KK67X  

H700i 1GB = 39H7H and HCR2Y

I hope this clarifies the previous post.

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Thanks for the feedback.   I had found the CNXVV P/N before, but if i type either of those two P/N's into dell.com, it returns no products.

Is this the correct adapter for the white slot?

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>

Also, since this uses the white connector, would you connect the 4x drives to the SAS connector on the riser card, or to the RAID controller directly?

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It appears the CNXVV P/N is incorrect, allow me to demonstrate:

This is the slot inside the R410.   Notice the black plastic piece directly opposite the white card, along with the blue tab, and the silver heatsink on the left.

Here is the CNXVV H700 Controller (sticker showing 0CNXVV P/N)

Here is the CNXVV controller sitting on top of the blue tab, aligned with the white plastic slot.   You can see that even if the blue tab wasn't there, the silver heatsink would still interfere with the card.

Another view.  This one shows the card doesn't align with the blue plastic peg at the top right of the case.

CNXVV was not meant to fit in the R410, at least not in this configuration.    I'll need to return this and go with the Adapter version that fits in the black PCIE slot,  As I don't have time to try ordering every part under the sun to add a RAID controller to this server.

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Any update on this?

I'm facing the same problem.

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Same here - R410 with integrated SAS 6/iR Modular

Looking to upgrade to the H700i but not clear on which one will actually fit.

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I couldn't find a "modular" card (Perc6 modular or H700 modular) that would work in the R410.

Those cards seems only to work in the Dell blades.

I ended up removing the SAS 6/iR Modular and getting an H700 adapter instead.

The H700 is a regular PCI adapter and sits in the slot above the modular slot.

I also had to disconnect the SAS cable running from the riser board to the backplane and connect the H700 SAS cables to the backplane.

Everything works!

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Looks like if you have a Dell R410, the only H700 raid card you can put in there that works, is the PCI-e (adapter) version, that fits in the Black PCI-e card slot on the riser.

The dell manuals for the H700 does not list the R410 as compatible with the H700 integrated or modular version, but it is in fact listed as compatible with the PCI-e adapter version I listed below.

I also listed the cables I bought to go along with it, since this new raid adapter plugs are the different that what was already in there.

I'll post the results soon. Should be getting the parts tomorrow (2.17.2015).

Here's a link to what I ordered:

Dell PERC H700 342-1609 K883J 512MB SAS PCI-e Adapter RAID Controller

Dell PG9KK Internal Mini SAS Backplane Cable 8087 to 8087

Dell N168M Internal Mini SAS Backplane Cable 8087 to 8087

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Could someone please confirm this?
It goes against what was posted in this thread here

That thread indicates  "H700i which is the Integrated version, designed to go in the white Storage Controller Slot"

That would be exactly what I need as my black PCIe slot is currently being used by another card which I need to stay installed.  That leaves only the white storage controller slot if I want to use anything other than the current SAS card for RAID


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TG is spot on correct.

The H700i is NOT supported in the R410. The only cards supported in the white integrated storage slot are the S300 modular or the SAS 6IR modular raid cards. You will need a H700A adapter in the upper black slot.

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