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h200 "No devices to display"

I have an old Dell SC1430 Poweredge server. Up until a year or so ago I used it with a Dell H200 PERC card and two Intel SSDs. It worked great. 

I have since sold the SSDs so put the old WD 80GB SATA (150) drives back in the server but the H200 card is refusing to see them. 

I know the H200 works, and the drives also work (I've tried using the onboard SATA and installed Suse without any problems) but the two won't work together.

Is it a compatibility problem or possibly something else? The drives don't have any jumpers... I'm desperately digging around trying to find some!

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Re: h200 "No devices to display"

Make sure the drives are fully attached/inserted, and check physical and virtual disk sections in the storage controller.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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