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iDRAC 7 Firmware update from 1.23.23

Hi Team 

I have Dell server R420, and it had iDRAC 7 firmware version 1.23.23. need to update to the latest one. I found Firmware ver 1.66.65_a00, when I used it gave error RAC0142 the firmware image file is not valid for iDRAC Firmware update??? I got it from the Dell website. 


My question is, where can I get the latest firmware? I can't find the latest one for that iDRAC 

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You can download iDRAC Images from below link. You can refer "Other Available Versions" section on below link to get the required version. Once you download the 1.66.65_a00 image you need to extract it to get firmimg.d7 file. You need to upload firmimg.d7 file to iDRAC to update the FW. As you have very old iDRAC FW you need to perform staged update of iDRAC than updating iDRAC from very old build to latest. Also ensure you are updating BIOS also along with iDRAC Update to ensure both are updated parallelly to latest


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Hi all,

I'm in the same process for a R720XD. I would like to know what download should I do and how to extract the firmimg.d7 file.  I have dowloaded:

  • ESM_Firmware_47G7D_WN64_1.45.45_A00.EXE
  • ESM_Firmware_47G7D_LN32_1.45.45_A00.BIN
  • ESM_Firmware_47G7D_WN32_1.45.45_A00.EXE
  • idrac7__145__45_A00.exe

My OS is CentOS6 but 64 bits and no file seams available as "LN64".
I try to run 

bash ESM_Firmware_47G7D_LN32_1.45.45_A00.BIN

as it is identified as a POSIX shell script text executable but this requires to be root (for extraction ?). I'm affraid to broke something using root privilege as my linux is not 32 bits but 64 bits.
Any advice ?


You can download "idrac7__145__45_A00.exe" file. This is a self extractable executable and you can double click on any windows machine to extract the content. The extracted content will have firmimg file. 

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Update: solution found reading the ESM_Firmware_47G7D_LN32_1.45.45_A00.BIN file content:

mkdir IDRAC-1.45.45
bash ESM_Firmware_47G7D_LN32_1.45.45_A00.BIN --extract IDRAC-1.45.45

and file is ./IDRAC-1.45.45/payload/firmimg.d7

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